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Orchid Skin Cosmetic And Laser Clinic is the epitome center of dermatology, well-being, and beauty providing comprehensive solutions to all Skin, Hair, nails, and other cosmetic concerns.

Preventions Of Pigmentations:

Pigmentation is the darkening of the skin in localized patches, or sometimes this occurs in widespread areas in generalized hyperpigmentation. 

The treatment is available for pigmentations:

Laser treatment.

We offer safe, most effective, painless laser treatment is incredible benefits, saving money and time.

Topical products and oral medications.

If you follow the appropriate indications of the therapists. and medication also. it's more beneficial for you.


We always attempt to anesthetize the area before performing pigmentation treatment. It makes it more comfortable and safe.

more treatment with sustainable Results

Chemical peels, Topical corticosteroids, Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, Dermabrasion.

About us

Treatment With Sustainable Results

Dr. VK Roy is one of the best dermatologists in South Delhi providing the best possible solutions using expert knowledge, updated methods, and technology, suitable for all skin types. Our clinic offers comprehensive beauty services and a variety of treatments like acne, acne scar, pigmentation, laser hair removal, permanent dandruff treatment, fungal treatment, anti-aging, botox treatment, dermal filler, stretch marks removal, hair loss or hair transplantation treatment, tattoo treatment, etc.

Pigmentation Treatment In Delhi

We Offer The Most-Effective, Sustainable Results Of  Pigmentation Treatment In Delhi | Book Now. 

Orchid Skin Cosmetic & Laser Clinic is a world-class center providing the best pigmentation treatments in south Delhi. Dr. VK Roy is one of the top dermatologists in south Delhi and uses the latest and standard technology for every procedure we serve, for every type of skin. Our clinic is to cater quality care in a very caring environment. All our treatments are performed under excelled physicians and supervised by trained and certified professionals. We all want young-looking skin as.  We have more than +18 years of experience in our field and give the highest quality pigmentation treatment at an extensive budget. We serve comprehensive and most effective pigmentation treatment with sustainable results through our well-qualified dermatology.

We are leading the best pigmentation treatment in Delhi with world-class facilities and new technology. We are renowned as Dr. VK Roy is skilled in implementing procedures that will alleviate your pain or restore the beauty of your smile. We appreciate your confidence in us. We offer a wide range of pigmentation treatments to help you keep your skin and feel fantastic. We are dedicated to a luxurious platform and customized treatment for all your skin and beauty needs. Now, ensure your pigmentation treatment in Delhi with our highly professional dermatology and cosmetology. Hire our skilled and well-experienced team to dedicate exclusive and sustainable results of pigmentation treatment.

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Here are a few reasons why you should select OrchidSkinClinic for your pigmentation treatment.

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Get great offers and we believe to give quality-based treatments using new technology to our clients at an extensive budget. Get the best pigmentation treatment in Delhi according to your skin type through consultations with Dr. VK Roy. And, we started the procedure also in a professional and safe way. Our pigmentation treatment in Delhi is here with Dr. VK Roy the renowned top dermatologist for your skin concern. 

Consult our skilled dermatologist for the best pigmentation treatment in Delhi, who will suggest based on your skin type, tone, and individual condition.