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Orchid Skin Cosmetic And Laser Clinic is the epitome center of dermatology, well-being, and beauty providing comprehensive solutions to all Skin, Hair, nails, and other cosmetic concerns.

Choose Our Best Hydrafacial For Radiant Skin

Hydrafacials That Respond To Improve Skin Texture.

Modern Technology

We using state of the art new technology of “Hydra facial MD".

Holistic Therapy

We do massage with help of Vitamin-E product & Hyaluronic Serum, which gives the whitening effect.

Complete Procedure

Our sessions including:- Skin Cleansing,Deeper Exfoliation for Radiant Skin,Extracting Deep-Ridden Impurities and Serum Infusion.

long-lasting results

Our hydrafacial treatments will help to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate skin while preventing blemishes.

About us

Treatment With Sustainable Results

Run by one of the top dermatologists in South Delhi, Dr. V.K. Roy, Orchid Skin Clinic is a renowned skin and hair clinic. His extensive understanding of dermatology gives their patients the finest care possible. Residents of South Delhi will find our clinic's location convenient as it is situated there. It offers a variety of procedures, including Hydrafacial, laser hair removal, acne therapy, pigmentation treatment, hair fall treatment, etc., and is well-equipped. Many of Dr. V.K. Roy's pleased patients have benefited from his knowledge.

Visit Orchid Skin Clinic if you're looking for the top dermatologist in South Delhi.

Absolutely Fantastic, Brighter & Healthy Skin

Get Absolutely Fantastic, Brighter, & More Demanding Face.

The vision of Orchid Skin Clinic was to establish a temple of beauty where your body would receive the best clinical care and aesthetic treatments possible. Orchid Skin Clinic is still going strong, with a top-notch staff of skilled dermatologists, cosmetic physicians, and skin therapists. It offers the best treatments from head to toe, like a resort for you and your body! The greatest dermatologists in South Delhi work at this skincare clinic, which also offers laser skin treatment in Delhi and waterless podiatry solutions. It also has the newest US FDA-approved technology and breakthroughs that work well with medical facials like HydraFacials and anti-aging facials. For a comprehensive approach to wellbeing, combine them with medical semi-permanent makeup treatments and comprehensive hair loss options.

Our Hydrafacial is a high-end, low-cost non-invasive skincare procedure that includes extraction, hydration, cleansing, exfoliation, and antioxidant protection all in one session. after enough counselling sessions. We offer affordable HydraFacial with quality-based procedures. We provide a wide range of dermatological and cosmetic services, including facials, skin care procedures, and laser hair removal. We employ the most recent FDA-approved methods and tools, and our group of knowledgeable dermatologists is committed to assisting patients in getting the outcomes they want. At Luxury Aesthetics, we’re dedicated to giving our customers an opulent and restorative experience.

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It's very beneficial for your long gateway in the future and we dedicate a prominent platform, “Orchid Skin Cosmetic & Laser Clinic” in South Delhi.

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In addition to age management treatments, we provide a complete spectrum of aesthetic therapies, functional and regenerative medicine, alternative medicine, body shaping, and body contouring. In addition, we provide semi-permanent cosmetic procedures and natural hair extensions & hydrafacial treatment in South Delhi. Conveniently situated in the centre of New Delhi, this establishment houses everything. Putting your comfort and wellbeing first is our top focus. To do this, our specialists will conduct a thorough evaluation, taking into account a patient’s current health, medical history, genetics, and way of life, before recommending a special and tailored regimen based on their specific requirements.