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Dermatosurgery means surgery of the damaged skin, which includes clinic based processing done using local anesthesia. Prior to the treatment an examination is performed to evaluate the extent of the skin damage that is to be cured or treated. Patients or clients undergoing dermatosurgery not only expect 100% safety but also fulfilment of their imagined expectations as to the outcome. On the other hand, a dermatosurgeon cannot provide any kind of guarantee with respect to the results.

At ORCHID SKIN COSMETIC AND LASER CLINIC, a team of dermatologists co-operate closely with one another for complex procedures as they are committed to provide the best surgical treatment to the patients. For certain procedures, the patient can be given sedation or normal anesthesia for comfort.


• Most dermatologic interventions are performed through intact skin with only resident bacterial flora. Dermatologists do not perform aesthetic surgeries on an infected skin. However keeping in view the transient flora and environmental contaminants, proper aseptic precautions at the operation field is essential.
• Usage of local anesthetic agents in the injectable form requires caution with regards to hypersensitivity reactions such as anaphylaxis and vasovagal attack and therefore emergency resuscitation equipment and procedures must be in place.
• The instrumentation required for surgery are basic – operation theatre table, operation theatre light, sterile surgical drapes and appropriate sterile instruments and advanced life support devices, wash basin all housed in an appropriate clinically sterile enclosure- here in after called dermatosurgery operation theatre.


At ORCHID SKIN COSMETIC AND LASER CLINIC patients going through dermatosurgery can expect 100% safety and the fulfillment of their unimaginable expectations as the outcome. Dermatosurgeons cannot give any such guarantee but can only ensure standard care and best possible improvement. However, even today, most patients faithfully believe that their doctor will keep their best interest in mind. Although litigations are rare, a prudent dermatosurgeon should insure himself and his clinic separately under professional indemnity insurance for malpractice.