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You need to follow best daily Hair Care Routine consisting of healthy hair care tips to get healthy shiny hair. Avoid hot showers and shampoo your scalp, not your ends

Massage your scalp to encourage circulation
“Giving your head an invigorating massage as you shampoo is a good way to encourage blood circulation and helps to detoxify the scalp,”

Towel-dry your hair before applying conditioner
What conditioner you use and how you use it is, if anything, is more important than the shampoo stage. Make sure you invest in a few good quality conditioners and leave-in treatments or hair masks, especially if you have coloured hair.

End your day with following hair care tips:
(i) Brush your hair before you sleep at night to untangle the knots that may have been got made up during the day.
(ii) Make a simple ponytail or plait before you sleep at night to secure your hair so that your strands do not get tangled or break, while you are sleeping.
Include these Natural Beauty Tips in your Daily Hair Care Routine:
(i) Drink plenty of water.
(ii) Eat Healthy Foods, including lots of fruits and vegetables.
(iii) Go for regular trimming of your hair to avoid dry, damaged hair and split ends.
(iv) Do not over-wash your hair.
(v) Do not overheat your hair or go for perming, coloring too often.